Aroos Teflon - Factory Introduction


Factory Introduction



In 1994, Aroos Manufacturing Industry, with the brand "Aroos", entered into Iran Home Appliance Market in a way that few people expect the company production line to achieve dramatic growth in a short time compared with other domestic counterparts and to seek to achieve and pass the production and the quality levels of their foreign competitors.

Taking advantage of the state-of-art knowledge, skills, and expertise in manufacturing reached a point where Aroos Manufacturing Industry achieved the United KingdomISO 9001-2011 code after receiving thevalid domestic certificates of the quality control. Moreover, the achievement of the quality certificates of ISO 14000 and 18000 codes are on the company's agenda now. We have been manufacturing semi-automatically. Enjoying new technologies for the production and quality control and moving toward a fully-automatic production line, we will have products with higher quality and the customer satisfaction in the near future.

Regarding export and import to international markets, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq and Armenia can be mentioned as the countries having had contracts with Aroos Manufacturing Industry over the previous years. Since two years ago, "Aroos" products have been accounted for a major share of the Iraq market, compared with other products (e.g. Chinese products) imported to this country. To sum, "Aroos" various products presented in different models, designs, and colors can confirm the company permanent motto "Meeting all our customers' tastes".

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