Aroos Teflon - Terms of use

Some instructions should be followed during using the product

  • Before the first use wash the receptacles with dishwashing detergent and after drying apply some liquid oil in the product and rub the oil over all internal surfaces.
  • For washing apply only sponge and or soft clothes and absolutely refrain from using wire and rough fibers.
  • During cooking apply wooden and / or plastic spoon so as the internal surfaces are not scratched .
  • Apply suitable flam and avoid extremely heating the empty receptacles.
  • To remove receptacles from the oven flame, be sure to use gloves.
  • All cook wear set is covered with two layer regular strength. [PTFE]

If you follow these instructions to use all the dishes mentioned in the section of manufacturing industries, the bride of adhesion to plastic material is a 1 year warranty. Warranty does not include cases where:

  • Pot and Pan accessories .
  • Teflon surface scratches and wear.
  • Washing with a wire brush or metal so that the wear surface is Teflon.
  • Excessive heating an empty pan on the stove.

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