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In 1938 AD, the US DuPont Company DuPont introduced a polymer material called Polytetrafluoroethylene with commercial name of Teflon brand to the market. It was a non-stick and insulating coating with high heat resistance and good chemical resistance against acids and alkalis. Because Teflon had the highest rate of non-stickiness feature of all existing coatings, it was used for cookware utensils. Bureau of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran also permitted Teflon coating for cookware utensils; however, these 6 points should be kept in mind while using such utensils:

Notice the quality standard mark When buying Teflon cookware, be sure to check the quality standard mark. Do not select non-standard types because of their low prices. Only those cookware utensils manufactured by factories licensed with the work permit from the Ministry of Health are standard.

Use proper spoons In order to prevent scratches and scrapes and to prevent damage to the inner surface of Teflon cookware, do not use sharp spoons. While cooking, only use wooden or plastic spoons with no sharp corners.


Wash them with a soft sponge In order to prevent scratches, wash them with a soft sponge. Do not use rough sponges or brushes for washing them since they damage the inner surface of the dish and increase the likelihood of toxicity.

Discard scratched Teflon cookware Never use damaged or scratched cookware. While cooking, the possibility of harmful substances' entering into the body through the damaged Teflon cookware is higher.

Do not fix Teflon cookware Never fix Teflon cookware to save the family economy. The type of substance and techniques used of Teflon cookware reconstruction units are not approved by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health announced the activities of such units as illegal due to not approving them and the Teflon used in these cases. Laboratory studies on mice have shown that the unsanitary reconstruction of cookware utensils and even using cookware manufacture by factories not licensed by the Ministry of Health and the National Standard can cause serious diseases such as cancer.

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