Aroos Teflon - Mission and Vision


Prospects of the company

Prospect statement is a term through which organizations depict the horizons of achieving their goals and promises their stakeholders a future characterized by relatively ideal and honorable achievements. In fact, they answer this question: "Broadly speaking, where do we want to get to?"

Prospects of the company were defined as follows:

• The advance of the company status, as a leading company in the production of non-stick cookware;

• Achieving a major share of the non-stick cookware market of Iran and Middle East;

• Reaching the position of the top exporting companies of the country;

• Promoting the diversity of the products with regard to the market demand; and

• Further introduction ofthe company's international brand"Aroos".


In a well-prepared mission statement, the purposes, customers, products or services, markets, philosophy, and basic technology are specified.

The company mission statement has been formulated as follows:

• Manufacturing and selling kitchen metal utensils in order to meet the domestic needs of the country, export to other countries of the world, and promote stakeholder's satisfaction;

• An increase in production in line with profitability;

• Promoting the competitive advantage of the company through economic and quality production;

• Managing the waste recycling to reduce the production costs and to achieve environmental goals;

• An increase in the share of the company from domestic and foreign markets and the establishment of new markets;

• Using new technologies and innovation in the processes;

• Complying with national and international environmental standards and reaching the green industry;

• To become a learning- centric and knowledge-based organization.

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