Aroos Teflon - Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The strategy is a single, comprehensive, and consolidated plan that links the organization's merits or main strengths to the environmental factors and changes. It is developed in a way in which the proper implementation ensures access to the main goals of the organization. Moreover, management science theorists have also defined strategy as "an optimum allocation of scarce resources to achieve economic goals".

Aroos Manufacturing Industry has considered the following strategies to achieve the objectives of the company:

• Modification of the company existing infrastructures in order to raise production;

• Sourcing of raw materials needed to reach the nominal capacity;

• Managing expenses to reduce thetotal costs;

• Performing administrative operations on the company's existing land-use change;

• Construction of new plants with the technology of choice in the new site;

• Improvement of human resources;

• To study strategies in order to reduce the energy consumption and to replace resources;

• To move toward the company's sublimation with the use of modern management systems and effective communication with scientific centers;

• To increase market share with a view to reaching new markets; and

• To review and study the contexts and related industries in order to replace other products and not be a mono-product industry anymore.

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